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Colorado's indoor air quality is above EPA recommended action level
At SWAT Environmental, we are dedicated to helping families and businesses reduce their risk of exposure to harmful radon gasses by using radon remediation and radon reduction procedures to greatly reduce radon levels in your structure.


SWAT Environmental has been in business since 1988, and has installed over 50,000 radon systems throughout the country. We are Denver's best radon reduction company.


Why... hire a radon contractor?

Although Colorado’s state laws allow homeowners to install their own radon mitigation systems, Denver residents should carefully weigh their options...


test your home

Order Yours Today!! - HS71512 110V – 60 Hz - Numeric LED display range of .1 to 999.9 shows the level of radon gas in pCi/L.


What is radon

Radon is a naturally occurring chemical element found in the environment. At the normal range of the Earth’s temperatures, radon is in a gaseous form...


National EPA Radon Action Month

January is national radon action month, meaning it is time to take action against the radon gas that may be in your Colorado home. Radon gas has been recognized as a national threat to our health, and even the EPA has recognized its harmful effects. The EPA and HUD have worked together to require mandated testing for all HUD financed homes in an effort to dramatically reduce the number of deaths each year from this horrible gas.

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EPA Radon Action Month

Fastest Growing Company

When a company exceeds its expected growth, and continues through any possible plateaus the following year, you know the company has an undeniably great product and team centered at the heart of the organization. Inc Magazine has named S.W.A.T. Environmental one of the top 5000 fastest growing companies for two years in a row. This honor is only awarded to the top 5000 fastest growing companies in America, so you know this is an extremely competitive award.

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Inc. Magazine SWAT Environmental

Denver Air Quality Awareness

Air quality in Denver is a serious concern for residents. Did you know that every year, over three million people perish because of poor air quality? The health effects and risks are something that no Denver resident should put their family in front of. The EPA has found a link to radon gas and lung cancer, meaning that if not found early enough, permanent damage may affect you and your family. Radon gas is found seeping into your home through the foundation of your Denver home as it forms in the soil beneath. The soil beneath your home may contain uranium which breaks down to form this deadly gas naturally. Air quality can be improved by radon mitigation techniques and systems from a local professional.

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Indoor Air Quality Denver, CO
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