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The Need for Air Purification Systems in Denver, Colorado

airpurification Air Purification Systems   Denver, ColoradoWhile Denver, Colorado may feel like a healthy place to live on account of the natural beauty of the area and surrounding mountains, there are health risks that residents need to be aware of. One of the most intimidating risks includes the numerous types of undetectable air contaminants. Many of these can negatively impact your health and may already be present in your home in Denver, Colorado. Without any warning signs, these contaminants can put your family’s health at risk. Radon is an invisible carcinogenic inhalant that can enter buildings through small cracks in the foundation and walls or through the water supply. Studies rank it as the second largest cause of lung cancer, after cigarette smoking.

Denver, Colorado is ranked in the highest risk category for radon levels by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Radon levels in the Denver, Colorado area average 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L) or higher. Due to this high level of risk, individuals in the Denver, Colorado region are encouraged to monitor the levels of radon in their home or business and invest in radon mitigation. One tool to combat the dangers of radon is air purification systems.

Our radon mitigation team, located in Denver, Colorado, is on call to help you test your home or office for the presence of radon. Once testing is completed, our radon mitigation contractors will advise you on the best course of action and install an air purification system to meet your needs.

As air purification systems are not radon-specific, their addition to your Denver, Colorado home or office will make the air safer all around by removing radon and other contaminants, including dust, mold, pollen, tobacco smoke, or pet dander.

Radon Mitigation & Air Purification Professionals in Denver, Colorado

As mentioned above, Denver, Colorado is in a high-risk category for radon contamination. Because of this, it is of great importance that you seek professional assistance for radon mitigation and the installation of air purification systems. Local governments are increasingly requiring special certification for radon mitigation professionals. You can contact Denver, Colorado’s government environmental organization to verify legal requirements and our certification you help you.

It is important to note that not all air filters are effective for eliminating radon, and those sold at common hardware stores do not always get the job done. The best technology for removing radon from the air in Denver, Colorado is currently considered to be those that use activated carbon. Our radon mitigation specialists will be able to identify the type of air purification system you need and will help you make plans to equip your Denver, Colorado home for the future.

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